Case In Point 3/6/18

A young student came in to audition to perform in the Arts Showcase at the school where I teach. She wanted to play the drums. 

She sat down at the drum set and pulled out a book and set it on the floor tom.

She then proceeded to whack the snare 3 times and then pause for one beat then 3 more whacks etc. I asked her how long she had been taking drum lessons. She said 3 months.

That was all she had learned in 3 months. I asked her if she could play any songs and with a bewildered look she said no.

So I asked her what her favorite song was and when she told me I pulled it up on Youtube. I played the song for her and told her to listen to what the kick was doing. She started doing that. Then I told her to listen to the snare and do THAT. She promptly did and her eyes got real BIG.  She was PLAYING MUSIC…not reading dots.  That took less than 5 mins!

…just saying.