When I met James McVay, I told him I was a classically trained pianist and I could only read notes.  I had tried over the years (I have been playing piano for 50 years) to have teachers teach me how to play without reading notes but I just couldn't get it.  James and I bantered back and forth that it would be impossible to teach me... impossible.  So, of course, the challenge was on.  I was defiant and he was extremely confident.  Well.... he was right.  In no less than two hours, I was playing without reading notes.  At 57 years old, I would not have believed I could learn a new way of playing the piano.  I can only say, this was been the most fun and satisfying journey.  His method is effective, easy and will get you playing.  Victoria S.  Los Angeles, Ca.


When I took piano as a young girl, I had a difficult time connecting the notes I was playing to the real music that I heard on the radio or in live productions. There was a disconnect from what I did to what they were doing. 

The Right Brain Music Method opened my eyes to the similar patterns of music that can be seen in nursery rhymes, Beatles music, and the most complex concertos. The Right Brain Music Method helped me understand the bigger picture of music, and it connects me to the universal language of music.           Sarah H.  Santa Monica, Ca.